CM Launcher 3D Pro 3.57.11 APK

CM Launcher 3D Pro v3.57.11 APK: The Android universe makes many wonderful changes to the operating system and adapt it to our tastes in a fast, simple and effective. And one of these slopes has to do with the so-called ‘ launcher ‘, which are not washed face to customize our device to make it look completely different.

Well, today we bring one that had a really long Beta phase,  which yesterday updated its application in the Google Play Store and has become a real celebrity. And not only for the millions of discharges he has behind his back, but for his tremendous virtues in both aesthetic and technical.

Lightness and efficiency

One of the problems that many launchers have is that they add an added weight to the Android installation that we already have in our mobile and which, in turn, has its own layer of customization. This, however much it is nice and that allows to personalize the Home of our smartphone, does not stop weighing the performance of the terminal so we often end up uninstalling it.

CM Launcher just does the opposite: it is placed in our mobile and lightens the load to such an extent that it is able to free up memory and work with a speed that, for moments, you will think that you have changed terminal. Moreover , CM Launcher will put in the foreground an optimization icon that when pressed will free us memory (in the tests we have done, usually save us between 400 and 600 megs, which is not bad).

CM Launcher for Android.

In addition, it has a navigation system really intuitive, sliding the finger to go from one folder to another, or reach the favorites, tools and all applications, which have given a touch of consistency to order them graphically as we have rarely Seen on an Android installation.

Aesthetically, very carefully

One of the elements that catches the attention is its worked design that reminds us enough in softness, style and colors to which Apple uses in its iOS. It appeals to animations very similar, gestures to go from one side to another and brings an application to download dozens of wallpapers that almost all have high quality.

CM Launcher for Android.

As I say, it is a pleasant experience to try it and really it is perceived to the smartphone much faster, agile and effective, so if you want to see how it works, just click on the link that we left below.

CM Launcher 3D Pro Download Link:

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