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Brawl Stars Introduction:

Brawl Stars APK Free Download for Android: Brawl Stars is the new Supercell game that is raging among iOS users. The game, which is currently in beta and is only available for iOS through the App Store of Canada, is getting numbers similar to those of Clash Royale at launch, which means that it is doing very well. So much so, that the company has decided to update the game with a new Brawler, a new playable character that joins Jessie, Dynamike, El Primo and company. This is Minigunner, a common type character that has just filtered into the networks.

Brawl Stars: a MOBA for all

In principle, Brawl Stars is a battle against 3 3 last shot, which takes place within a map from established boundaries. How Royale in Clash, even in Brawl Stars There are four different types of cards: common , rare , epic and legendary .

These cards are represented by Brawlers , that is, by the characters with whom you can fight. Currently there are 15, divided into 7 municipalities, rare 4, 2 and 2 epic legendary.

How to find Brawler: The Brawl Box

The mechanism of production of the cards is also incorporated here by Royale Clash. Spending 100 Coin or 10 buds (in-game currency will discuss shortly) it is possible to buy a Brawl Box , the equivalent of Royale Clash trunks.

Not only. The Brawler can also be obtained with another type of currency, the chip , which are obtained from the ‘duplication’ possibly present in Brawl Boxing. In short, such a thing to aracane dust of Hearthstone , with which you can craft the cards.

Coin, gems, elixir and chips

As we have already mentioned, we continue the conversation talking about the four types of currency found in Brawl Stars: coin , gems , elixir and chips .

  • Coin : you use it to buy Brawl Box, containing Brawler or elixir. In the case of ‘duplicate’ (ie a Brawler already present in the collection), it receives a chip with which you can buy other Brawler.
  • Gems : you use it to buy Brawl box, other coin, alternative skins for the Brawler.
  • Elixir : found in Brawl Box and serve to increase the level of Brawler (up to a maximum of 45 elixir).
  • Chip : found in Brawl Box and serve to buy Brawler.

How to play Brawl Stars

Currently there are four game modes provided in Brawl Stars.

  • Bounty : classic elimination match where Brawler have unlimited lives. The goal is to get more deletions of the opposing team.
  • Smash & Grab : in this mode should be gathered first 10 crystals, which are located in the center of the map. But be careful: when a Brawler who collected the crystal will be able to steal them.
  • Heist : a team must defend his safe, the other must try to steal the contents.
  • Showdown : the equivalent of the Royal Rumble in wrestling. Ten brawler, one against the other, until there can be only one.

The characters in the game

The first character available to the game is Shelly , whose gun is capable of reaching even distant targets. Among the common Brawler there’s Colt , who has two guns: Shelly does not reach the distance, but his number of shots per minute is much higher. Jessie , however, shoot balls of electricity, while Brock has a missile launcher that does area damage.

Brawl Stars characters

Let the rare Brawler . Ricochet is a shooter whose bullets (as the name suggests) can bounce; Bull is a kind of Shelly enhanced; Shortly he strikes with his guitar (but woe to underestimate him); Barley finally throws poisonous bottles.

The two epic Brawler is the archer Bo and Mortis , armed with a devastating shovel. Crow and Spike are the two Brawler legendary Crow launches three poisoned knives at a time, while Spike is a cactus that launches explosive cactus balls.

All Brawler finally have a secret move powerful that activates accumulating energy.

The Developer of Clash Royale & Clash of Clans ‘Supercell’ has recently announced a new game called “Brawl Stars”. It is an epic Multiplayer action combat game where you create a team and play with your friends and defeat or attack them to collect stars & crystals in order to win the match. The game is available on IOS in canada right now but it will be available on Google play store soon after the confirmation by Supercell in the upcoming week. The dev team of Supercell has launched the soft version of Brawl Stars on youtube.

Brawl Stars GamePlay Modes:

Brawl Stars has come up with four different game modes , Bounty mode is the first one where the team has to collect stars by picking it up from opponents and the team who has most stars at the end will win the game. Another mode is Smash & Grab where the team is to collect crystals by fighting their team opponents and the team who collects 10 crystals first will surely stand the winning team. Heist mode is where you have to save from the other team or be the one to protect yourself from the attackers. The last one is Showdown mode where all the 10 players put into a slowly shrinking arena and your goal will be the last one standing to win the game.


The free to play version recently launched on youtube via livestream where the developer team of supercell playing Brawl Stars with a number of youtube. It is designed for multiplayer as well as single mode where you can select your own players in a wide range of character selection. Each player possess the ability of special attacks, abilities & forge team to combat the matches with other players.

Brawl Stars Specifications:

App Version1.0.1
File Size50-100 MB
Content RatingRated for 3+
Installs5,000 – 10,000
RequiresAndroid 4.0 and up

As you are going in the depth of the game you will be able to collect more coins, elixir and chips so that you unlock more brawlers and items. You can also create a group in order to share the strategies, techniques and plans and battle the other players. You can play this game with your friends or single player.

How do you play Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is a game that is completely different from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The SuperCell title offers us frantic real-time clashes against other players. Each team will have unique heroes who play roles such as tank, damage and support. Of course each of them will have at their disposal a good number of skills.

How many characters are there in Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars currently has a roaster of 15 characters. Some of them will be available from the beginning, while the rest we have to acquire them as we progress and we make the corresponding coins to open the already classic coffers and that with some luck may contain some hero. One of the peculiarities of Brawl Stars is that each and every one of the characters has its own virtues and shortcomings, be it in terms of health or for example speed. Heroes can level up, gain skills, boost HPs …

Brawl Stars: Agile, addictive and easy to handle

Although SuperCell has had us accustomed to games that focused on strategy, Brawl Stars comes with the intention of making a dent in the direct action titles and without concisions. In the play we will have at our disposal several game: protect our fort from rival players or a deathmatch of a lifetime. Despite the frenzy of the games, control is more than simple. As if any other point’n click will be, we must press on the area to move or the opponent to attack; Exactly equal to a MOBA like League of Legends. Space attacks and abilities will require you to hold your finger on the screen, point to the opponent, and release. Easy, right?

Download Brawl Stars APK


Brawl Stars Release Date:

  • We haven’t received any confirmation News of Brawl Stars Release Date.
  • The only thing we can do is to wait for the announcement of release dates of the game.
  • SAFEDLFILE has an eye on updates, news, Supercell’s Tweets, Reddit’s Post & dates; So that we’ll publish it here as soon as we get the APK file.

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